Hi there, I’m Mike Jarema.

Since 2012, Token Labs has been my Toronto-based technology & consulting practice.

The business is named after API keys or “tokens” which allow internet-based applications, tools and services to securely connect and share data.

Through Token Labs, I’ve acted as an early stage technology leader for multiple Toronto-based startups. Some recent/on-going engagements include:

  • Gopher Leads - a mobile lead generation tool that empowers and incentivizes frontline workers to drive sales by leveraging their knowledge and customer relationships
  • Vidoyen - a video AMA platform that helps experts, thought leaders and academics easily share their knowledge with the general public
  • Majestic Media - a marketing innovation agency that helps consumer facing companies solve problems and build their brands by leveraging a mix of social, mobile and digital channels

Additionally, over the years I’ve created a series of purpose-built tools which also fall under the Token Labs umbrella:

  • Namevine - a domain name and social media handle search tool that helps you create a consistent online brand for your startup, product or side-project. Namevine has been live for 5+ years.
  • Logocaster - a logo generator that helps you explore a large number of logo concepts and find the one that makes the most sense for your brand. Logocaster is live as a public alpha.
  • Peerpix - a mobile app that connected with DSLR cameras, allowing event photographers to sell, share or present their work instantly (via social media integration or a big-screen slideshow). Peerpix made it to a private alpha and was used at a few events before being shutdown.

I also buy and sell domain names for fun and (some) profit.

Finally, Token Labs hosted “KungFuryTO”, the Canadian premiere of Kung Fury. It was a great experiment exploring the intersection of technology and the indie film industry.